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Police Reports


Dec. 17

Caller reports a man and his 18 year old daughter fighting in the apartment below her. Verbal only, situation calmed down.

Dec. 20

John Swanson reported theft of approximately 18 gallons of fuel taken from a fuel tank.

Kum & Go North reported a gas drive-off in the amount of $18.93. Advised same vehicle was in earlier today and left without paying for over $77.00 in gas. Case under investigation.

Dec. 23

Caller advised there was some sort of fire in the 700 block of 5th St. Officers located subject at 624 3rd St. who was burning cardboard. Advised him to put the fire out.

Steve Parnell of 1306 11th St. reported his 16 year old son had taken off. Juvenile was later found at Crossroads Church.

Dec. 24

Perry Animal Clinic advised of a suspicious male that has shown up several times around closing. Advised to call the station if he shows up again.

Kum & Go North reported gas drive-offs in the amount of $56.06 and $12.16. One was the same vehicle that has done this several times in the past.

Dec. 27

Darin Lingner reported charges on his bank card from I-Tunes that are not his. Advised that $15 had been charged to his account. Case is under investigation.

Caller reported stop sign down at the corner of Winter and Sunflower. Street department contacted.

Caller advised he was outside smoking in the 1800 block of Evelyn and advised of a strange smell in the area. Thought it smelled like burning plastic. Officer responded and could smell something but unable to locate anything.

Dec. 28

Caller advised of an unattended fire in the 1900 block of 2nd St. Officer responded. Fire was just embers. Spoke to a group of kids and advised them to get some water and pout on the fire embers.

Dec. 29

David Hidlebaugh, 1323 5th St. advised he had $90 in rolled up quarters stolen from his residence. Case is under investigation.

Compliance Warnings

Dec. 17

Virginia Valdez, 1609 Otley, for 3 junk vehicles and appliances in back yard.

Dec. 18

David Meyer, 1811 5th St., for garbage and miscellaneous junk.

Jon Smith, 1923 5th St., for dryer and miscellaneous junk.


Dec. 18

Matthew Lester Wahler, 30 of 1723 S 14th St., Adel, was arrested for driving while suspended, operating while intoxicated - 1st offense (drug related) and possession of a controlled substance.

Dec. 24

Clinton Carl Richard, 39 of 720 2nd St., Perry was arrested for public intoxication

Dec. 27

Madeline Wallukait-Steiner, 18 of West Des Moines was cited for possession of alcohol underage.

Elizabeth Sebben, 18 of Waukee was cited for possession of alcohol underage.

Daniel Miller of Ankeny was cited for open container.

Dec. 28

Eduardo Rios, 20, of 1803 Lucinda, Perry, was arrested for domestic abuse - aggravated assault.


Dec. 20

Josie Bousman was driving westbound on Kading, went to turn northbound and slid into two parked vehicles registered to Elfadil Abakar Osman. No injuries.

Mitzi Bailey advised she is a rural carrier and was just at the entrance to Perry Park Apartments when she was struck by a vehicle registered to Marco Antonion Ortiz-Miranda. Approximately $1500 in damages.

Animal Control

Dec. 17

Caller advised of a cat that had been hit by a car on Willis between 8th and 10th. Officer contacted the street department.

Dec. 20

Caller advised that a black and white dog walked in to Hy-Vee and really doesn’t want to go back outside. Officer contacted the Humane Society.

Dec. 23

Kimberly Smith reported her dog was eating and a small child approached the dog and the dog bit her. She wanted to turn the dog over to the Humane Society. Child did not need medical attention, did not break skin. Officer advised that since the dogs shots were not up to date it would have to be quarantined for ten days.

Laura Orbell, 1718 Willis, Perry was cited for first offense dog barking.

Subject came into the police station and reported dog in garage all wound up on his chain and not able to move at 1008 Otley. Officer untangled dog who appeared to be fed and healthy. Attempted to contact owner.

Dec. 26

Caller reported stray dog that has been around for several days in the 600 block of 5th St. Officer transported dog to the pound.

Caller reported a brown and black dog running loose in the 800 block of 18th St. Officer unable to locate the dog.

Dec. 28

Caller reported a stray Dalmation dog in the area of St. Paul St. Officer located the dog and transported it to the pound.